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Do we have now to show our youngsters ( youthful era ) that consuming unhealthy meals is nice apply ….going out to review or work or if mother not round they should eat Meggie solely 

M completely againts this Meggie commercial  

Maggi Mother’ readies son for hostel life with cooking lesson.

a teenage boy calls his mum as a result of ‘kuch acha sa khane ka man kar rha hai’. She helps him make his first bowl of Maggi by guiding him across the kitchen over the cellphone – all in a bid to make her son ‘hostel prepared’.

R we so busy that we’re okay if youngsters consuming Meggie at all times ?

So our youngsters are getting mistaken message that consuming Meggie within the place of full wholesome meal is totally okay 

I need well being minister to pls look into this 

Meggie the place I knw is a snack ppl have in between there meals to not HV within the place of lunch or dinner what we’re giving our subsequent era 

Children are very harmless n they really feel so joyful once they get appriciated… The sensation of accomplishment is so good …so within the advert mother when says ur prepared now ….the children expression additionally provides message that wow it is an good factor to do