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A number of years again, I had the chance to do nutrition-based genetic testing. The corporate wasn’t making any weight-loss guarantees, however they took my DNA and gave me a report telling me a lot of fascinating issues: 

I’m extra in danger for iron deficiency, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance. 

I’ve an innate drive to train (pfffft, nicely YEAH, this one I knew!)

I’m delicate to caffeine.

I’ve an elevated threat of over consuming sugar. (do they learn about my love of Oreos?)

I’ve an elevated threat for achilles tendon harm. Random, I do know.

These outcomes aren’t precisely uncommon. The outcomes additionally informed me that two out of three folks have a threat variant for iron deficiency. One in two have a threat variant for caffeine. Three in ten have a threat variant for lactose. One in 5 have a style desire for sugar.

Fascinating stuff, however not all that helpful for somebody who’s aware about what she eats and the way she strikes. 

Genetic testing isn’t new, however how DNA pertains to our vitamin and meals selections is known as a science in its infancy. That’s to not say that outcomes like mine are ineffective – however their use is certainly restricted for most individuals. 

There are ailments that we all know for sure are handed down genetically – sickle cell anemia, hemochromatosis, cystic fibrosis, and plenty of extra. However utilizing DNA to foretell how an individual ought to and shouldn’t eat to drop pounds is much more difficult and so much much less clear-cut. 

For the outcomes I bought above, I used to be instructed to eat iron-rich meals. Watch my espresso consumption (I solely have one a day anyhow, as a result of it makes me jittery). Eat much less lactose. Be aware of my sugar consumption. Stretch my calf muscle tissues and watch sure actions that may pressure my achilles. Principally stuff I must be doing anyhow, though the lactose factor I don’t see. I digest lactose simply high-quality, not less than for now. However once more, this take a look at wasn’t giving me weight loss recommendation. 

Now, weight loss is the most recent side of genetic testing that corporations are pushing, due to course it’s. So lots of my followers have requested me if DNA weight loss plans are actually legit, so I checked out just a few of the businesses, what they provide, and the place the analysis is at proper now for this type of stuff. Right here’s what I discovered.

The very first thing I seen is that the businesses providing DNA diets for weight loss are mainly all the identical. 

The DNA Weight-reduction plan Plan insists that their testing is correct and can end in weight loss (or your a refund!)

They state that “70% of things that have an effect on physique weight are tied to your genes,” a declare that I’ve numerous bother believing, as a result of, you already know, SCIENCE. 


Their plan consists of DNA Weight-reduction plan’s ‘EXCLUSIVE’ 12 Guidelines of Weight Loss:

Rule 1: Uncover your DNA (it is going to encourage you!)

Rule 2: Weigh your self weekly, it doesn’t matter what

Rule 3: Eat a excessive protein breakfast to forestall cravings

Rule 4: Observe what you eat, particularly your treats

Rule 5: Use the meal plan however make it be just right for you

Rule 6: Cease consuming at 8pm and get a very good evening’s sleep

Rule 7: Make an effort to train (don’t train to eat)

Rule 8: Use the 20:80 rule if eating out or ordering in

Rule 9: Prohibit alcohol to 2 days per week (if in any respect)

Rule 10: Eat slowly, seated and on a daily schedule

Rule 11: Don’t enable stress or setbacks to cease you

Rule 12: Discover causes to fistbump

Okay, wait. DNA will encourage me? Wait, is fist bumping a genetic trait?

I child.

However these guidelines are completely generic, which might be why the corporate says that you simply don’t even want to attend on your DNA outcomes to begin shedding pounds. 




DNAfit provides the testing, plus RD counselling, presumably to accompany their generic suggestions. They boast uber-charlatan Dave Asprey amongst their ambassadors, which for me equals a RED FLAG X 10000!!!!


Pathway Match, one other DNA diet program, clearly had a breach on the day I used to be scripting this, as a result of whereas I used to be in a position to entry their website the day earlier than to get data, on at the present time all of their url hyperlinks all led me to intercourse websites. So yeah, no thanks. For those who can’t preserve a deal with in your web site, how will you learn somebody’s DNA? 

However anyhow, once I might really get onto their web site, I noticed that they advocate one of many following diets based mostly in your outcomes: 

Balanced: In case your DNA outcomes present that you simply aren’t in danger for something specifically. 

Low carb: For those who’re in danger for blood sugar abnormalities.

Low fats: For folks whose outcomes present a predisposition to excessive LDL, low HDL, and excessive triglycerides.

Mediterranean: Um. Perhaps for everybody?

Lactose free: If, like me, your DNA exhibits an elevated threat for lactose intolerance.

Gluten free: For those who’re predisposed to gluten sensitivity. 

Once more, generic. And never solely that, however utterly overstepping the science. Simply because you’ve got the next than regular threat of being gluten delicate doesn’t imply you want a gluten-free diet. Simply because you’ve got an elevated threat for lactose intolerance doesn’t imply it is advisable to cease consuming lactose altogether. To even counsel this stuff is completely ridiculous and irresponsible and exhibits the (low) degree of credibility that this firm has. 


Some DNA diet kits additionally make complement suggestions based mostly in your take a look at outcomes, after which, maybe unsurprisingly,  promote you the dietary supplements you ‘want’. SIGH.


Whereas every firm needs to make it appear as if their testing technique and vary are superior to the others, the reality is that your complete space of DNA and diets and weight loss is difficult and never outlined as of now. 

Greater than anything, the exams appear to be extra for leisure and normal data. 

Some folks, when confronted with the DNA-based data that they’re extra in danger for coronary heart illness or different well being circumstances, might change their diets simply based mostly on that, and that’s a very good factor.


However particularly for diet and weight loss, I believe there are extra points than advantages related to DNA testing. Right here’s just a few: 

We’ve examined this earlier than. It didn’t go so nicely. The DIETFITS trial in 2018 did an ideal job of displaying us that even when somebody’s DNA predicts that they’ll lose extra weight on a low-fat or a low-carb diet, the outcomes don’t essentially translate into actual life. Contributors did DNA exams earlier than the research to categorize them right into a low-carb or a low-fat group in keeping with their genes. 

The result? There was no important distinction between the teams by way of weight loss.

There are a number of variants to every gene: The way in which I perceive it, every gene has completely different variants. Completely different DNA testing corporations might take a look at for various variants, which is why you will get completely different outcomes with every firm. One firm may say it is advisable to cease consuming so many carbs, the opposite may say you metabolize carbs high-quality. DNA is difficult, y’all. 

The science is in its infancy: Plain and easy, our information and talents are vastly restricted on this space, so to say that we are able to make particular diet suggestions based mostly on somebody’s DNA is simply fallacious. That doesn’t cease the businesses above from making these claims, although.

The suggestions are very broad: Severely, a lot of the suggestions that these corporations dole out will work for everybody. They’re simply widespread sense. 

There’s so many different issues to think about: In all probability most necessary is that simply because you’ve got a trait that claims you’re predisposed to overeating sweets, or that you’ve got bother digesting carbs, doesn’t imply that these issues are going to play out in actual life. 

Plus, having a ‘predisposition’ in the direction of one thing doesn’t imply it’s going to truly occur. 

Psychosocial determinants akin to funds, work and residential atmosphere, and psychological well being play an infinite position in consuming habits. And intestine micro organism is rising as a major consider how we metabolize vitamins. DNA exams don’t take into account these components, however they will positively override any genetic predispositions.

In Quick:

Whereas DNA-based diet suggestions will not be dangerous, they’re in all probability not that helpful both. 

I wouldn’t be seeking to DNA for weight loss recommendation. It’s extra for leisure than anything.