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I had a fantastic time in a number of classrooms this week, speaking about the diverse components of the plant that we consume.  Flowers? yes. Stems? yes. Seeds? yes. And the leaves, roots, and fruit as well! Here’s a rapid overview in case you want to quiz the youngsters:

  • Roots (and tubers as well!): This was an uncomplicated a single.  Most kiddos know that we consume the roots of plants.  But I did have some surprises. Everybody could recognize the carrot, but did you know they had been initially purple, and have been bred to be orange? And the beets had been a single vegetable exactly where you could consume many components of the plant – you can also consume the leaves!  There was some confusion in between the onion, garlic and shallot, but we sorted it out. Potatoes are technically tubers, as they can propagate new plants.